My Ideology

My ideology is a system of ideas that forms the basis of our economic and political theory and policy.

First and foremost, I embrace progressive views. I support progressive social causes, a stronger taxation system and social programs based on the community responsibility. I embrace social liberalism through seeking a balance between individual liberty, social justice and the common good. I believe in government getting involved in addressing issues such as poverty and access to education and health care. I believe in government funding social programs intended to help the poor, the disadvantaged and the low-income earners.

I believe in a market economy in which decisions regarding investment, production, and distribution are based on supply and demand, and prices of goods and services are determined in a free price system. I deliberately support business regulation and a progressive approach to taxation to increase market fairness and prevent unfair labor practices. I believe in supporting small businesses and startups to enable them grow so that in future they can provide employment to Ugandans in addition to contributing to the national income through taxation.

Thus my ideology enables us to effectively address issues concerning all Ugandans including the low-income workers, laborers, disadvantaged groups and the young job creators and business owners.

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