Dear Ugandans

The 2016 Presidential election offers us all an opportunity to choose progress. As a new face in the politics of the presidency, I breathe new life into our beloved country. The 21st century is upon us and with it, comes new challenges which call for new and dynamic leadership, with the capacity and attitude to do things different so that our economy and our people can boom and compete favourably globally.

Fellow countrymen, now is the time for us to break camp and move forward. Now is the time for us all to choose smooth transition, action and progress. Now is the time for new generations to be part of decision making. I would like to emphasize that Uganda now requires new direction, new ideas, new perspectives and new leadership, which I bring on board. Today I am proud to be counted as one who is ready to lead Uganda into a new era. Indeed now is the time!

While working within Uganda’s economic means, I believe that prioritizing better would help deliver our country from huge debt burden while delivering the key needs of our population. My priorities in my term of office as President of Uganda, 2016-2021 are spelt out under my “12-issues programme” which focuses on the following key areas:

Minimum Wage

In Uganda today, the fiscal sustainability of the wage-bill; attraction and retention of requisite skills to execute public service functions;

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Extensive and efficient infrastructure is critical for ensuring the effective functioning of the economy, as it is an important factor

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Foreign Policy

My government’s strategy in dealing with other nations will be informed by our desire to promote and safeguard national, regional

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Governance determines who has power, who makes decisions, how other players make their voice heard and how accountability is rendered.

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Agriculture is the backbone of the Ugandan economy. In rural areas, agriculture is the source of livelihood for 70% of

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Job Creation

Investing in employment is crucial for sustainable development and poverty reduction. Without new and better jobs, we run the risk

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