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Venansius Baryamureeba (a.k.a Prof. Barya) is a Professor of Computer Science and Chancellor of Ibanda University. Besides this, he also serves as: Chairperson, Makerere University Business School Council; Chairperson, Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board; Chairperson, Board of Trustees/ Directors of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU); Chairperson, St. Augustine International University Council; and Chairperson, Busitema University Appointments Board among many other high profile roles.

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A healthy workforce is vital to a country’s competitiveness and productivity. Poor health leads to significant costs to business, as sick workers are often absent or operate at lower levels of efficiency. Investment in the provision of health services is thus critical for clear economic, as well as moral considerations. Advancing human development requires, first and foremost, expanding the real opportunities people have to avoid premature death by disease or injury, to enjoy protection from arbitrary denial of life, to live in a healthy environment, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to receive quality medical care, and to attain the highest possible standard of physical and mental health. Therefore, there is need to strengthen the healthcare systems in the country. Uganda’s health sector is ailing because of mainly insufficient funding.

For 2016-2021, the focus on health services will look at:

  • Allocation of at least 16% of the national budget to the health sector because of its strategic importance
  • Investing in the national health system that includes rehabilitating national and regional referral hospitals, community hospitals and health centres.
  • Investing in the latest medical equipment, theatres and laboratories
  • Reviewing of remuneration of personnel like doctors, nurses and other health professionals.
  • Recruiting more health professionals especially doctors to improve the doctor to patient ratio
  • Implementing internationally accepted measures for controlling population growth
  • Implementing a National Health Insurance scheme that covers all citizens.

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