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Venansius Baryamureeba (a.k.a Prof. Barya) is a Professor of Computer Science and Chancellor of Ibanda University. Besides this, he also serves as: Chairperson, Makerere University Business School Council; Chairperson, Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board; Chairperson, Board of Trustees/ Directors of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU); Chairperson, St. Augustine International University Council; and Chairperson, Busitema University Appointments Board among many other high profile roles.

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My government’s strategy in dealing with other nations will be informed by our desire to promote and safeguard national, regional and international peace and security and protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity. As a country, we shall support the work of regional, international and multilateral organizations in finding lasting solutions to conflict and terrorism activities for a free and secure world. Uganda shall respect territorial integrity and state sovereignty. Uganda shall only participate in military engagements outside its boarders if they have a backing of regional economic communities, African Union or United Nations, and most importantly if the engagements have parliamentary approval as is required by law.

My government shall ensure Uganda’s sovereignty, promote universal peace and foster better relations with our neighbors, the rest of the African continent and the world at large. In this regard, we will consolidate and strengthen Uganda’s foreign relations and diplomatic engagements with other countries as well as international and multilateral organizations at the regional, continental and international level.

In pursuit of Uganda’s socio-economic and political interests, my government shall promote sub-regional and regional integration and cooperation emphasizing intra-African trade as the cornerstone for Africa’s socio-economic and political unity. Through economic diplomacy, my government will strengthen and consolidate its trade and investment links with regional partners while exploring new trade and investment partners in order to expand access of Ugandan products to foreign markets, while at the same time increasing investments for our country.